All demo reels recorded and produced by Guy Michaels at Voiceover Kickstart Ltd.



A 12 minute preview for the Audiobook adaptation of 'Last Off' in which I provide all narration and character voices (in varying accents). The full two and a half hour novella can be downloaded from Amazon,  Audible and iTunes.

Short information video for the jib apprentice training scheme.

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A c c e n t s

British: Cockney | Multicultural London English (London Street Dialect/Roadman) | Formal RP | Heightened RP (Posh) | British Asian (Northern and Southern) | West-country | Northern English (general) | Lancashire | Liverpool | Birmingham | Newcastle | Scottish (Standard) | Welsh (Standard)

Irish: Northern (Belfast) | Southern (Dublin)

American: Standard U.S | Italian American (East Coast) | Southern States (Standard) |

Southern States (Redneck) | Ebonics (AAVE)

World: Mexican (Chicano) | Canadian (Standard) | Jamaican | French | German | Italian | Russian | Indian | Chinese | Japanese | Australian (formal & informal variants) | New Zealand (Standard & Maori) | South African (Afrikaans) | Nigerian (Igbo/Yoruba) | Generic African

Other: Unique voices & Impressions (non-accent specific)




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A Man of Many Voices

My natural voice has been described as: 

Young (teens/20s), friendly, laid-back, assured, sincere, genuine, believable, straight-forward and conversational. 

My native accent is London RP with a hint of Cockney.

I am also capable of changing my accent and voice in a vast amount of ways to suit a wide variety of voiceover work (See accents section). 

I have recorded voiceovers at home and in studios around London for various clients including:

  • Oxford University Press

  • Nike

  • Post Office

  • Big Finish Audio

  • Canesten

  • Trailblazer Films

  • Joint Industry Board

  • Helen Doron Educational Group


Represented for voiceover work by Lip Service, click the button below to book me: